Wednesday 3.7.13

The BBC made a visit to Collard Hill today. One bunch filming with Dave Simcox for an upcoming programme similar to Countryfile and another from radio 4 interviewing head ranger Ian Clemmett about the site and the conservation project. I unfortunately don’t know the details of when each will go out but I’m sure Hayley and I will keep you updated.

BBC filming 2013

They were lucky enough to be able to film a couple of Large Blues which were out and looking good. At least one was freshly emerged.

Large blue-Sarah Meredith

Large blue-Sarah Meredith

The afternoon was lovely and sunny, if a bit windy and several large blues were seen on the Eastern Glade. I also spotted a couple in the gorse so I reckon today has been a good day for them with 5 ,maybe even 6, large blues flying!

When i spotted the Blues in the gorse I was sitting just above a patch of Thistles which was brimming with Small Tortoiseshells which was really good to see.

P1020835 P1020836

Not a great forecast for tomorrow but its looking pretty good for the weekend. I will leave you with one more Large Blue pic and a reminder to keep sending in photos to

Large Blue- Jean Morley

Large Blue- Jean Morley

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


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