Sunday 30.6.13

Just under 100 visitors today. 4 large blues including a female seen below the Hawthorn in the middle of the slope.

Unfortunately one of the Wasp Orchids and several of the Pyramidal Orchids in the meadow at the bottom of the slope have been trampled on. There are still 4 wasp orchids standing but please watch your step in this area.

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


2 thoughts on “Sunday 30.6.13

  1. Some of the behaviour I witnessed today was not good. The female was laying eggs and yet was hounded at times by people more concerned about getting their trophy photo than the welfare of the butterfly. Show some restraint please.

    • Thanks for your comment Marc. We are delighted that Collard Hill is an open access site, allowing people to take great pictures of th Large Blue butterfly. We do however ask that people respect the butterfly and keep their distance, especially if a female is laying her eggs; and in so doing, help maintaining a healthy population of the large blue butterfly.
      Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

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