Butterflies and Pole Cats

Well what a couple of days it has been! We started the weekend off with a bumblebee eating spider and the last couple of days we have been joined on the hill by a Pole Cat! Yes, you heard correctly, a Pole Cat.

Having chatted to Roger (Transect volunteer) this morning, it would seem that a pole cat has made its way on to the hill. One of the visitors even managed to get within feet of the cat, making rabbit noises and took a few pictures.

There is however a sad ending to this story. Later on today, Barry (Transect volunteer) phoned me to say that the pole cat had actually died this morning and was found at the bottom of the field. It would seem it was quite a young cat and as the visitor managed to get reasonably close, it could indicated that it was also slightly domesticated.

On a plus note, numbers of the large blue appearences seemed to have increased a little today. (Seven sightings – this doesnt mean that there are seven large blues;  just numbers of times it has been seen today.)

Other sightings include: A newly emerged marbled white, a clouded yellow, some painted ladies and common blues.

If you have any pictures you would like to share with us from the past few days, then please send us an email and we shall put them on the blog.


Hayley Dorrington – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills



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