Help needed to identify a spider…

During our visit to Collard Hill on friday with the west dorset team, we sat down for a spot of lunch. It would seem that we were joined by something else who was tucking into its lunch too. Rowan, Ranger for West Dorset came across a crab spider slowly eating its way through a bee. This was the first time I have ever come across a crab spider. After looking in an identification book, I am unsure whether its a Misumena vatia or a Xysticus cristatus.  I am almost certain it is a Misumena but for any one reading this blog who is a spider enthusiast, it would be great if I could find out which one it is. I am sorry about the photo, it doesnt show the spider very well.

Crab Spider feeding on a bee

Hayley Dorrington – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills


2 thoughts on “Help needed to identify a spider…

  1. Hello, I’m certainly no expert but I would say its a Misumena vatia. I hope someone who knows their spiders can confirm it for you.

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