Friday 21.6.13

Large Blue Collard 21 June 2013 copy

Large Blue taken by Sarah Meredith

The best day so far for the Large Blues which are steadily emerging!

There were at least 5 different sightings in the gorse in the middle of the site and on the Eastern Glade slope.

The forecast for the weekend is rather mixed but it should be worth a visit for the photo opportunities when the sun does come out in between showers.

The site was very busy today with many visitors including a visit from the West Dorset National Trust team whom it was a pleasure to meet.

NT ranger West orset visit to collard

More Orchids are also starting to pop up on the site. During the afternoon i was very grateful to have met a visitor who discovered a couple of Wasp Orchids in the meadow at the bottom of the path down from the blue rope. Photos Below.P1020801


There are also a couple of Bee Orchids in the quarry area which are still looking quite good.


Next week should be brightening up so there should be good numbers of Large Blues flying but do remember that Glastonbury festival starts on Wednesday which will most likely cause traffic problems so plan your route carefully.

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


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