Wednesday 19.6.13

A warm and humid day on Collard today which makes a nice change!

There were a couple of sightings of a Large Blue, one in the quarry area (the pine trees as you come in through the gate) and another in the glade between the Gorse and the quarry.

Other than that there were also a couple of Clouded Yellows around the site today which were interesting to see. Lots of Meadow Browns are now starting to appear as well.

The weather now looks set to return to a wet period for the next few days unfortunately so there may be less chance of a sighting for the rest of the week. But still a chance…although as i write this there is a huge dark cloud gathering outside my window!

Anyway to counter that slightly gloomy outlook I’ll leave you with some lovely photos taken by Geoffrey Bathe.

A Butterfly Orchid

A Common Spotted OrchidĀ 

Robins Pincushion

Robins Pincushion



– Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


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