A quiet morning with little sign of the blue but a welcome change for the afternoon.

Well, its getting warmer, not sunnier, just muggy really today on collard. I am sat on the eastern glade as I write this short post. A quick walk round this morning finds a speckled wood, a small heath and a meadow brown, all lovely to see when you have seen little else flutter around the hill for a couple of days. 

Fingers crossed things will start getting busier. We are joined today by a lady whos visiting all the way from Lincolnshire!
I am joined today by a new recruit- axel the dog. He’s not that sure what its all about but loves the fact it involves plenty of walking.

Axel - the new recruit just for the day...

The glimpse of sun we had this afternoon meant a solitary female large blue joined us on the Eastern Glade. She did a lot of flitting from the eastern glade through to the Lynches (See map if you are unsure about its whereabouts).  This would suggest she was tring to find a male – lets hope more blues start emerging soon!

A quick look at the weather forcast for the next few days would suggest that tomorrow might be the better day of the week if you are planning a visit as heavy rain is to arrive on Thursday, but who knows; this is Collard Hill and I am sure it has its own climate on occasions!
On a slightly more serious note, if you do plan to visit collard hill, we would suggest that the best time to visit would be in 7 – 14 days, this is purely down to the numbers of blues appearing being so low – this is what usually what happens at the start of a season but the season is really late this year so hence why we have low numbers at the moment.
We will update you regularly and let you know when numbers start to increase so you have a better chance of seeing them.

Hayley Dorrington – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

Hayley- ranger


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