15.6.13 A Large Blue has emerged!…Weathers still rubbish though

Yesterday a Large Blue was spotted by several visitors to the site and our warden Roger, at last bringing an end to the long wait. This breaks the previous record for the latest emergence of the 7th of June by 7 days.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been seen today due to the strong winds and half hour showers throughout the day which didn’t let the slope warm up enough for anything to fly in really.

I must emphasise that the forecast for the next few days (especially our open day tomorrow!) is terrible and this will most likely affect the chances of seeing a Large Blue. So if you are planning on visiting be prepared and bring warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear.


Thanks to Jean Booth for the photos.

-Steve, Large Blue Ranger 2013


8 thoughts on “15.6.13 A Large Blue has emerged!…Weathers still rubbish though

  1. Wonderful that one’s finally been spotted! I would so love to come along to try and photograph them. The weather is really against us at the moment. I hope these strong winds will drop soon and we get some consistency in the temperatures!

    • The postcode for the youth hostel by the National Trust Carpark is BA16 OTZ. From here, follow the blue tipped posts though the woodland and through the meadow (which is awash with orchids at the moment) to collard hill. I havent had an update from the hill today so when I do, I will put a post on the blog so keep reading! Thanks Andrew.
      Hayley – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

    • Hi leigh,
      I am on the hill now and there has been a confirmed sighting of a female blue at the bottom of the hill, presumably searching for a male. There have been no other sightings for today, I hope that helps you come to a decision about visiting collard tomorrow. Thanks. Hayley- ranger

      • Hi, we visited on Wednesday – what a glorious day, just a shame the Large Blues didn’t think so. Thanks for all your hard work it is a fantastic reserve. I do have a photo of the Large Blue from Wednesday (not great) and a few others (Clouded Yellow, Bee Orchid etc) – happy to send any over if interested (just let me know best way to send if so). Thanks

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