Meadow Browns, Brown Argus and a top tip from a visitor

A cloudy start to the day meant very little was flying first thing this morning. By dinner the cloud had lifted and the sun started to shine (a bit anyway). Jim was at Collard Hill today and a transect in the afternoon found Meadow Browns/ Small Heaths/ Speckled Woods/ Common Blues and a Brown Argus.

Quite a number of visitors enjoying the afternoon sunshine and views but unfortunately, still no Large Blues!

On a more positive note, the orchids within the meadow over at Ivythorn are really starting to look great so if you are going to be visiting Collard any time soon, here is some advise from Geoff who visited Ivythorn a few days ago.

“Most visitors to Collard Hill will park in the NT car park at Ivythorn Hill, close to the youth hostel. From there they will follow the blue-topped posts to the dangerous Marshalls Elm crossroads and then continue to follow the posts up on to Collard Hill. When walking back from Collard Hill to the car park, there is an alternative footpath that passes through a flower meadow full of orchids, on the southern side of the road.
Follow the blue-topped posts down Collard Hill to the Marshalls Elm crossroads.  Shortly after crossing this dangerous road there is a tarmac lane on the left and almost immediately beyond this lane there is a footpath on the left. Follow this footpath through woodland and it soon opens up into a flower meadow with many species of orchid. At present the butterfly orchids are at their peak and the coloured orchids are starting to flower. Then continue along the path through more woodland and the path emerges directly opposite the car park.”
Taken by Geoff Bathe

Taken by Geoff Bathe

Thanks for this top bit of information Geoff!

If anyone is visiting Collard Hill and would like to send photos/ get into contact then please email

We will do our best to get as many photos on this blog that you have taken

Hayley- Ranger


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