Large blue training day… with no Large blues!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the annual large blue training day at Collard Hill. Weather conditions were great, if not a little warm (I really didn’t think we would be saying this a few weeks ago!)

We had a brilliant day with new volunteers who would be helping with the daily transects; counting the number of large blue butterflies through a set area.

Unfortunately though,as with other butterflies this year, the Large Blue is taking its time to start flying. This is mainly down to the weather conditions at the beginning of the year.

Do not lose hope though! The Large Blue is sure to show itself over the next few days and we will update you as soon as we know more.

We did however come across a few dingy skippers and a few grizzled skippers – they were pretty quick and I had trouble keeping my eyes on them!

We even had our own pretend Large Blue. Sarah kindly pretended to be one (She was wearing the most blue clothing today).

Helping to explain how to walk a transect route correctly.

Helping to explain how to walk a transect route correctly.

Thanks to all who got involved with today’s training day. A special thanks to David Simcox, Sarah Meredith, Butterfly conservation and Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Hayley – Ranger for Mendip and Polden Hills


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