Large blues entended season

Hi all, Lottie here.

I spoke to Sarah Meredith today and heard that the Large blues were still flying on Sunday. However, they were tatty individuals so the season is likely to be nearing an end. What a long season it has been though! Last year the flight period was until July 10th and here we are on July 17th.

I hope plenty of you have been able to see the Large blues this flight season. I will put an update once it has been clarified that the season is offically over.

Here is a great picture sent in by visitor Geoff  Hiscocks of a Large blue egg on Wild thyme spotted on Collard on 20th June. I also heard that there are plenty of caterpillars and eggs being found on the surveys being carried out. All good signs for the Large Blue butterfly population.

Large Blue egg on thyme bud. Taken by Geoff Hiscocks 2012


2 thoughts on “Large blues entended season

  1. I was checking the livestock in the early afternoon of 23 July and was amazed at the number of large blue I saw all in first class condition lots of other butterflys out in the sun

    • I shall pass that on as it was thought that the butterflies stopped flying earlier than that.

      I hope all in well at Collard with the livestock.

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