Large blues will be flying for a few more weeks yet.

Hi all,

So having popped to Collard in the last few days during other activites, I know from speaking to the volunteers on duty and with my own eyes, that the Large Blues are still very much around!

Yesterday, myself and a group of students from Strode college actually sat halfway up the bank of the Eastern Glade (not on any Wild Thyme of course) and saw a few flying on the lower half of the slope. This morning, behind the gorse I saw 4 flying and volunteers Roger and Barry saw at least 12 during the day today.

Having spoken to Dave Simox it is likely that the Large Blues will be flying at Collard for at least another two weeks but diminishing in numbers so it will still be worth visiting to see the Large Blues until around mid July. I shall put a notice on here once the flight season has been deemed over.

Lottie-LB ranger


4 thoughts on “Large blues will be flying for a few more weeks yet.

  1. I’m considering of making a long day’s round trip from Lancaster tomorrow (Thursday, 28th) The forecast is 20C but overcast with a breeze. Please can you tell me if you think the Large Blues will be flying in those conditions? It’s a long way otherwise………..! Thanks

    • Hi Michael,

      I am afraid I did not have access to the internet last night and am in the office now- I’ll eb returnign to Collard shortly. There were 9 large blues flying yesterday afternoon and potentially more that I did not see so I hope you have made the journey down.


      • Thanks Lottie, it was nice to meet you. Yes, I decided to take the chance on the weather and am pleased to say that it paid off. I consider I saw 8 individuals (2 of them very well worn) during the four hour period whilst I was there. I managed to get a photo of what appears to be a female egg-laying on Thyme. Let me know if you want to see it. A long but very enjoyable day at a beautiful spot, thanks.

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