Friday 22nd- flowers for a change!

Evening all,

I have just got back from enjoying a glorious sunset at Walton Hill just up the way from Collard. You really are lucky here in Somerset with the views and the swallows so low down, skimming the surface of the grass as they hunt…

Today was a fairly quiet day on both the butterfly and people front although some visitors from St.Albans, Devon and even New Zealand managed to see some Large Blues. I saw 3 myself today alongside a Marbled white and Common blue. On the way to the orchids I did slip over on the muddy path at the bottom of the Eastern glade slope so, everyone be warned!

However, the orchids seem to be revelling in the wet June and I am seeing more and more pyramidals all over the site. Down at the bottom the slope near the hedge (see map) there are more Wasp orchids are still coming up too.

One of the many Wasp orchids at Collard (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner 2012)


However, a few visitors and myself spent some time admiring the plants starting to bloom. Those that really stand out at the moment are Welted thistle, Yellow wort, Dog rose and the Agrimony and we are just waiting for the  Centaury to come out properly really.

Welted thistle, Collard Hill.

Yellow wort, Collard hill.

Hoping for it to be a bit warmer tomorrow as the blues I saw did not want to open there wings although I did catch the Common blue basking as we did have more sunshine today. This evening was a pink sky so here’s hoping for the next bit of that verse tomorrow…

Lottie-LB ranger


2 thoughts on “Friday 22nd- flowers for a change!

  1. Lottie, we were grateful for all your help today and thank you for finding them for us! You are a great asset to the National Trust!!

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