Saturday 16th June update and the Collard Hill open day tomorrow

Evening all, Lottie here.

Today was another windy one but during the calm spells, some (4 at least) Large Blue butterflies were out. They seemed to favour the sheltered, warmer spots by the slopes of the Eastern Glade (behind the blue rope), and amongst the pines by “The quarry” but also on patches of Wild Thyme sheltered by gorse bushes.

Other species around today included, a Marbled white, a Common Blue and a Large Skipper alongside the hardy Small heaths and Meadow browns. Myself, volunteer Barry and a few visitors managed to keep in contact about where the sightings were occuring on the hill but for those that don’t know, I have included (a very quick annotated map from google images) to explain where we mean by certain landmarks I mention on this blog.

Basic map describing some of the places mentioned during blog posts (Sourced google images, annotated by Charlotte Faulkner 16/06/2012) To be added to.

It may also be worth mentioning that the wasp, bee and pyramidal orchids are doing extremely well despite the weather and more seem to be popping this week. Joining them, Yellow Wort and Weld are starting to flower at Collard also.

There are a few “Wasp” orchids growing at Collard. (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner)

Tomorrow is an Open Day at Collard and myself with rangers Ian and Hayley will be available to help you find the butterflies and show you the orchids. Fingers crossed for a calmer (wind-wise) but just as bright day tomorrow!


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