Friday 15th June- a bit breezy at Collard.

Despite a very breezy day, there were three Large Blue butterflies seen along the Eastern Glade, huddled in the grass as out of the wind. As soon as any sun shone, they were up, basking and flying a little. However, the weather was very changeable and got a bit too windy in the afternoon.

Although I did not see any butterflies in the quarry, I did see a chrysalis (correct me if I am wrong) of what I believe to be a 6-spot burnet moth!


6 spot burnet moth chrysalis I think (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner 15/06/12)

 Hoping for butterfly friendly weather this Sunday at our open day.

I understand that there are some of you that would appreciate a map explaining where these features at Collard are, I will design one shortly and post it up here.

Cheers, Lottie (LB Ranger).


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