Wednesday June 13th – successful mating and egg laying.

Hi all, Lottie here. After two days away from Collard (as Monday and Tuesday is my weekend), I was very pleased to see that not only had Large Blues been sighted on both days by the other volunteers, but this morning held a bit of sunshine and good omens for the Large Blue.


Mating pair of Large Blue butterflies, taken along the Eastern Glade (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner 13/06/2012)

I would estimate that there were at least six Large Blues at Collard today although there were probably more like 10. These  main butterflies were seen along the Eastern Glade (behind the blue roped area), at the end of the rough track leading down to the grassy area (where there are orchids growing) and by the “quarry” which is a path that leads through some pines near the entrance to Collard- if you are walking from Ivythorn YHA.


Large Blue on Wild Thyme (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner 13/06/2012)

In the Eastern Glade, I saw a pair mating so hopefully the female will lay her eggs later today or tomorrow if it is good weather. I did see a female on an obvious patch of thyme just outside of the pine area “quarry” too.

Overall, today has been a good day for the Large Blue and to add to that, a few Marbled whites were spotted too.


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