Thursday 14th June- 11 Large Blues seen at Collard.

Evening all.

Since the Large Blues were first seen at Collard (on 31st May this year), there has been alot of worry concerning if they will come out in the less than ideal weather this June. However, although they are very pretty they are also a hardy insect and have been seen almost every day since 31st May. Today, the weather was not too breezy but dull and drizzly by the end but myself, Dudley and Sarah think that the most seen totalled were 11 and there were probably more around we didn’t see.

Not only were they down along the Eastern Glade but on patches of thyme between the gorse and the top of the site and on the stoney track leading down from the oak tree. A visitor also saw a poor bedraggled chap(or lady blue) by the quarry. One was even seen emerging from the grass on it’s maiden voyage from the Myrmica ant nest!

Large Blue at Collard (Taken by Charlotte Faulkner 14/06/2012)


Today’s visitors were a great example of the dedication alot of people have to show in order to visit Collard. Not only were people coming from Yeovil, but  Basingstoke, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and even from Tasmania! I think everyone managed to get some good shots too of both freshly emerged butterflies and the older ones. The Large blue generally will live and breed in 5 to 7 days but as the weather is throwing up adversity, we expect them to survive around 10 days in order to successfully carry on our stalwart population at Collard. The rest of the week looks likely to worsen but we hope the open day this sunday will not be too wet or windy for butterflies or visitors.

Thank you all for visiting and sharing your photos. There will be some posts over the next few weeks including those you send in.

Until tomorrow,

Lottie- LB Ranger


9 thoughts on “Thursday 14th June- 11 Large Blues seen at Collard.

  1. Hi Lottie

    Nice to meet you and the other visitors on Collard today. I came home happy even though I only saw 2, but one was obliging enough to allow some decent photos. Thank you to you and the crew for your sterling efforts.

    I’d be happy to provide a couple of photos, but cannot see a link?

  2. It would be useful for those of us who don’t know the lie-of-the-land at Collard Hill if you could display a map/sketch on your blog which shows the features you mention in your daily postings, e.g. the whereabouts of the glade, quarry, east-west, etc. Or have I missed finding one somewhere? Thanks.

  3. I am travelling up on 20th June………are there likely to be any Large Blues still around? They probably would be in a “normal year” but this is far from normal!

    • They are likely to be around yes as there are sightings every day just not in large numbers. Definately worth a visit.
      Lottie- LB Ranger

  4. How long do you expect Large Blues to be on the wing? Will I be too late in early July, probably first week?

    • Potentially they will still be flying as they flew until 10th July last year (and weather was similarly bad elongating their flight period).
      However,if the weather improves there may be an abrupt increase in activity followed by a quick drop off. Only time and how the weather goes will tell. I would visit sooner rather than later if possible but 1st week of July should be ok.
      Lottie-LB ranger

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