A good day for those that fly!

Small elephant hawkmoth found at Collard today.

It has been a very successful day at Collard Hill for both people and butterflies due to the much improved weather conditions. There were many Large Blues in flight and nearly everyone I spoke to had managed to see one. Other butterflies making an appearance were Grizzled Skippers, Large Skippers and a Large White.  This morning a group from the Somerset Earth Science Centre came to visit Collard and the highlight for them I think was an Small Elephant Hawkmoth found in the Eastern Glade.

The best areas to see the blues today were around here and also in the quarry area by the pines where I glimpsed a mating pair! On this mornings survey I saw 8 Large blues  but I would estimate that there were at least 15 on site.

At the end of today, Sarah Meredith and Christine Tansey, the rangers for the last two years stopped by and managed to find a Large Blue female laying an egg, which is brilliant news after this weeks wind and rain.

Three generations (Sarah Meredith, Christine Tansey and Lottie Faulkner) of Large Blue butterfly ranger on the hill.


4 thoughts on “A good day for those that fly!

  1. I am delighted the weather was so much better today and that the blues are starting to perform. Well done Lottie for persevering throughout the last few dismal days of rain, I hope you enjoyed the Collard experience today which obviously remains a lure to your predecessors. Keep up the good work.

    • It is good to know that despite bad weather, the Large Blues persevered through the week. I hope those that were flying yesterday managed to reproduce successfully. The Collard experience has been really interesting so far and seeing new species (plants and insects) are just a bonus as was meeting my predecessors! Lottie.

    • Hi Maurice,
      thanks for the update, I shall let Lottie know. I went over to Collard today in the hope of finding the small elephant hawkmoth, needless to say, the majority of insects and butterflies hid away from sight all today to avoid the rain. Never mind, I will be there at the Open Day next Sunday.
      Thanka again.

      Hayley Dorrington – Ranger for the Mendip and Polden Hills

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