The wild thyme is ready and waiting!

Although the wind today was brilliant for clearing out the cobwebs, it was certainly less than ideal for butterflies to fly. During the surveys only one, brave Meadow brown butterfly surfaced as I think any others were hunkered down in the grass. However, it looks like the Pyramidal orchids are coming into bloom regardless of the wind and I caught sight of four buzzards clearly making the most of the gusts, performing aerial acrobatics.

A fly (species unknown) found a pyramidal orchid starting to flower.

I was joined by 19 people during the course of the day and a few were keen to see the Wild thyme (which is ready and waiting for the Large blue to lay eggs on) and the three orchid species growing at the bottom of the hill. They are hoping to return when the weather improves for the butterflies. In fact, tomorrow morning could be a good day to venture up according the weather forecast!

Wild thyme petals are the food of the Large blue caterpillar for the first part of it’s lifecycle.

On dry days, please look out for this new addition, a visitors book which will be by the book of images. Feel free to leave us your wildlife records and comments about Collard hill. It is always appreciated.

Lottie-LB Ranger


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