Flight between the showers

Although it was windy, it must have been warm enough this morning for many Large Blue butterflies to emerge. Between myself and the people visiting the site, 13 were spotted today at Collard. The morning was fairly wet and windy but the afternoon provided enough sunshine for some butterflies to be spotted courting and fighting in flight.

David Simcox, Sarah Meredith and visitor, Nick Edge all managed to spot Large Blues today.

There were quite a few visitors to Collard today. One told me that the signs the National Trust have put up to help identify between the Large Blue and Common Blue are very helpful- which is great feedback!

When the weather permits I shall be putting our new visitors book out with the images book for you to leave comments and records of any thing you see during your visit. If you catch me before or after, I would love to hear your comments and sightings too as I add them to my records. Its all good news regarding the success of the butterflies…

In other news, wasp and bee orchids are all still flowering. Caught sight of the pyramidals beginning to bloom.

Here’s hoping there are more sunny slots between the showers this week and more of these views.

Collard Hill during the sunnier moments.

Lottie- LB ranger


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