Thursday 7th July – Counting begins

Evening all, Christine here after a sunny windy day at Collard. After yesterday I did not anticipate much Large Blue activity, and indeed so it proved to be, with not a single sighting today. This does indicate that their flight season is largely at its end, and any Large Blue stragglers still on the wing are likely to be difficult to see. It is just possible that you might see a lone Blue if you visit in the next few days, and be sure to let us know if you do, as Wardens will no longer be on the site after Friday 8th July. Do email us if you have any more comments about visiting Collard Hill:

A Gatekeeper round every corner today! - Christine Tansey July 2011

The morning transect walk introduced me to several Gatekeepers, and they seemed to be around every Gorse bush today, their fresh orange wings offering a bright greeting as they basked in the sun. Speckled Woods have also become more numerous in the last two days and continued frequent the main track. A Green Woodpecker and Hummingbird Hawkmoth made very welcome appearances today, both seen flying on the main central slope as two Buzzards wheeled and cried overhead and our friendly Kestrel hovered above the hill.

Sarah commences the egg count

The biggest excitement of the day was the presence of Dave Simcox, Jeremy Thomas and Sarah Meredith, on the hill to start the egg counts and get estimates of how many Large Blues were flying at Collard this year. They’ll be back on site tomorrow and we’ll keep you posted on how it looked once the survey is completed. Fingers crossed for an increase everyone!

Large Skipper nectars in the sun - Christine Tansey July 2011


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