Monday 4th July – Sporadic sightings

Hi everyone, Christine here, reporting back from Jim and Simone, our volunteers at Collard Hill on Monday. The impact of the Large Blue piece on Countryfile was felt yesterday, with quite a few hopeful visitors appearing on site in the morning. Alas, it would appear the season really is winding down, and the morning was bereft of butterflies during fine but windy conditions.

There were no Large Blues on the morning transect, but a rather battered specimen turned up about 1pm, followed by a freshly emerged Blue around 2pm. It was found near the main track, but appeared to have had some issue with the pumping mechanism with its wings and they were not completely inflated. However it did stay in one spot, and several visitors got nice views of it.

A very rumpled Blue from early in the season - Christine Tansey June 2011

By the afternoon transect, 1 Large Blue made an appearance in the Eastern glade, but they remained elusive for the rest of the day. Nevertheless hopefully new visitors to Collard enjoyed the sunny morning, and have put June in their diaries for next year!


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