Tuesday 28th June – Afternoon action

Hi everyone, Christine here, reporting from Craig, our man on the hill yesterday. It was a fairly quiet day at Collard, with a cooler overcast morning turning into a sunny afternoon when Large Blue activity increased. I was delighted to hear that despite the cloud cover, Craig was able to help one visitor get their first Large Blue sighting this morning, on their third year of trying!

Large Blue standing out - David Habbershaw June 2011

The morning transect recorded 3 Large Blues, and by the afternoon walk this was 5. The majority of sightings were in the Eastern glade today, including a mating pair that got a lot of attention from visitors. Even with the decline in butterfly numbers, visitors to Collard Hill were successful in seeing Large Blue, with many getting around 5 sightings. It’s good to hear the Wasp Orchids are still receiving some attention as well! Sunny spells are set to continue this week, and it remains the best time to visit in order to see Large Blues this year. Thanks today to David Habbershaw and Clive Burrows, for some great photos from earlier in the season.

On a perch - Clive Burrows June 2011


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