Friday 24th June – A day of two halves

Evening everyone, Christine here after a good morning and quiet afternoon up on the hill. We were promised a fine morning, and indeed the wind had dropped and the sun was out when I arrived on site. First stop was the bottom of the Eastern glade to see who was waking up, and there were three Large Blues flying before 10am along the bottom path. Another greeted some visitors and I at the top by the main track. There were plenty of Blues reported across site this morning, one visitor having fourteen sightings by around 10.30am!

Large Blue in the Eastern glade - Christine Tansey June 2011

By the morning transect, the cloud had thickened and only four individuals were recorded, split between the Eastern glade and the Quarry. I did find a Six-spot Burnet moth happily nectaring on Wild Thyme in the Eastern glade. By 12, it had really clouded over, and sightings got much more infrequent. Nevertheless visitors still saw Large Blues around the site until the rain came in around 2pm. The afternoon tailed off after this, and due to the rain no afternoon transect was walked. After a couple of fruitless wanders round the site it looked like the Blues had gone to bed for the day.

Six-spot Burnet moth on Thyme - Christine Tansey June 2011

The forecast for the weekend is looking promising, with warm weather and sun expected there should be plenty of activity, and you may even need sun-cream! Some more fantastic photos today, this time from Richard Sykes, who captured a stunning Large Blue and Meadow grasshopper at Collard Hill. Thanks very much for sending them in.

A beautiful Large Blue - Richard Sykes June 2011

Meadow grasshopper - Richard Sykes June 2011


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