Wednesday 22nd June – Few Flutterings

Hello everyone, Christine here after a very quiet day at Collard Hill. It seems I write about the weather almost more than the butterflies at the moment, but it has dictated the flight season activity so much it is the best way to explain Large Blue sightings. So today meant no Blue activity for the entire morning, as some persistent rain hit the hill. No morning transect was walked and only a roosting Marbled White and couple of disturbed Meadow Browns were seen until lunchtime, when the first Large Blue of the day flew past the bench on the main track in a five minute window of sun. A couple of visitors and I then saw a nice crisp individual appear from the gorse on the main track. On closer inspection the same gorse was harbouring a freshly emerged Ringlet, whose wings were still crumpled up.

Large Blue on the main track - Christine Tansey June 2011

Newly emerged Ringlet - Christine Tansey June 2011

The afternoon, although dry had barely any sun, and when walking round the site I only saw 1 Large Blue. There were reports  of several sightings from the few visitors on site today, mainly on the main track and at the bottom of the Eastern glade. A little bit more sun appeared just before five, with another couple of Blues fluttering by. Overall there were only a handful of sightings today across site, with activity much reduced with the lack of sun. There should continue to be Large Blues on the wing over the next week, and I would urge anyone planning a visit to be a little patient in changeable weather, and wait for a sunny spell. We look forward to seeing you on site soon!

Large Blue on Bugle in the Eastern glade - Christine Tansey June 2011


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