Tuesday 21st June – Some Solstice Sun

Evening everyone, Christine here reporting from Sandy and Roger, our volunteers up at Collard Hill today. Strong winds have returned to the hill, and the upper slopes continue to be too windblown for Large Blue sightings. The morning’s activity started with some Large Blues being spotted at the bottom of the Eastern Glade. The butterflies often roost in the sheltered longer grass here, and can often be a good place to find sleepy Blues in the morning.

A Large Blue mating pair - Stewart Canham June 2011

It was rather overcast during the morning transect walk, but 14 individuals were recorded, including four on the warm upper bank of the main gravel track, with supports some good patches of Wild Thyme. By the afternoon, Large Blues were hard to find in the Eastern Glade, but the Quarry had again become very active in the sunshine. Four of the nine Blues recorded on the afternoon transect were sighted there. Large Blue numbers continue to be good, so if you are planning a visit over the next few days, even short sunny spells should provide some excellent sightings. Thanks again go to Stewart Canham and Winston Plowes for their great photos.

Large Blue with open wings - Winston Plowes June 2011


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