Tuesday 14th June – Sun and Blues return

Hi everyone, Christine here, with a report from our volunteer at Collard today. The sun came out this morning and for the first time in a few days the hill was busy with Blues and people. It was another breezy day, so although the butterflies were out and flying, the upper slopes were quieter with activity focused on the calmer and warmer lower areas of Collard. By around 8.30 two Large Blues had already been sighted near the main track, which continued to see Blues flying throughout the day.

The morning transect saw about a dozen butterflies recorded, the afternoon route eight or so. The Quarry area of the site was particularly good for Large Blue sightings today, especially during the morning. The lower slope of the Eastern Glade also remained a good area, with more sightings during the afternoon. The bright sun today did mean that although there was lots of Large Blue activity, it was trickier for visitors to get open-wing shots like the one below. I hope some of you managed it!

An elusive open-wing shot - Dave Land 2010

Dave Simcox, one of our experts on the Large Blue and Sarah Meredith, the Large Blue Ranger from last year were also at Collard today, and noticed how much more Wild Thyme is in flower on the slopes. The last week of rain and sun seems to have had the effect we’ve been hoping for, and has helped push the Thyme forward, providing more egg laying and nectaring opportunities for the butterflies. The next few days may be a little unsettled, but the Blues should be flying in any sunny spells, Painted Ladies continue to be seen at Collard, and the hill is starting to bloom, so do come and visit soon.

Large Blue on Self Heal - Peter Basterfield 2010


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 14th June – Sun and Blues return

  1. I came up from Pembrokeshire on Monday and had a great day despite soggy ground and a pretty overcast morning. I saw at least half a dozen fresh Large Blues in “the quarry” and got some wonderful photos, wings well open. I was also amazed to see an Adonis Blue and have some photos of that too, also in the quarry.
    It was just so magical to see butterflies that I never dreamt I would see in my lifetime…….thank you!

    • Hi Maggie,
      I’m so pleased you had a good trip to Collard. I’m glad to hear the Quarry proved a good spotting area, it’s been a great place for sightings today too. We’d love to see any photos you’d like to share and the email to send them to is collard.hill@nationaltrust.org.uk. I hope you manage to come back to Collard another year!

  2. Hi Christine,
    After noting your post from last Wednesday, regarding the Wasp Orchid var-trollii, we are intending to visit this Saturday 18/06/11, and were hoping you could update us on the condition of the plants and if someone will be on site to point us in the right direction. Many thanks. Guy Bailey.

    • Hi Guy,
      Thanks for your message. I checked the WaspoOrchids today, and they still seem to be in reasonable condition. There are at least five spikes, but there may be more in the surrounding area amongst some Bee orchids. Myself and another volunteer will be on site on Saturday and will be happy to point you in the direction of the orchids. We look forward to meeting you.

      • Hi Christine,
        Thanks for your reply, we look forward to meeting you on Saturday. Guy Bailey.

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