Monday 13th June – After the rain

Evening all, Christine here reporting back from the volunteers at Collard today. It was a rather quiet day on the Large Blue front, as the forecast for sun didn’t really materialise until the end of the day, and some high winds had returned to the hill. It was a dull morning, with only about 15 mins of sun until 2pm, consequently there was not much Large Blue activity. Three individuals were recorded on our morning transect, all in the more sheltered area of the Eastern Glade. Four Large Blues were seen on the afternoon transect, in the Eastern Glade, and another sheltered area of the site, the Quarry.

Female laying on Wild Thyme - Mike Rubin 2010

The rain yesterday has helped reduce the dryness of Collard Hill’s slopes, and we hope to see more Large Blue egg laying, like the beautiful example above, on some fresh Thyme soon. There certainly seemed to be fewer Large Blues active today, and it’s worth bearing in mind if you are at Collard Hill on a windy day, that the lower areas of the site are more likely to have Blues flying. A little patience might be required if you’re waiting for a sunny spell, but it might even result in a beautiful shot like the one below.

Lets hope for a bit more butterfly action tomorrow with a brighter afternoon forecast, and we look forward to seeing you at Collard soon!

Large Blues flying to Gorse - Chris Everson 2010


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