A step in the right direction

Phew! We have just finished two big volunteer days setting up Collard and the Car Park for the imminent start of the flight season. Everyone worked really hard and braved not only the warm sun but some even donned boiler suits to avoid the perils of strimming hogweed (thirsty work!). The car park now looks great and ready to welcome you all – the crowning moment being when the butterfly sign is put up – see the photo of us all. 

Work on the steps continued a pace. Even though there is less rock in the calcareous soil of the Poldens compared to its larger nearby cousin, the Mendips, the ground is truly unbelievably hard.

So hard in fact that our manliest volunteer Bill even managed to cleave in two the handle of the mell. Way to go Bill! Luckily in true boy-scout fashion we had come prepared with a second one and we were able to complete the final step by the end of the day. So no “where next?” moments for stepusers this year.

For the first time in this dry spring the hill has started to show signs of being somewhat parched with patches of faded green and even hints of brown in places. Fingers crossed for some rain over the weekend.


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