Pre-season preparation

Volunteers help to clear scrub

During the winter we again carried out an extensive programme of habitat management. The rides that we had carved out of the scrub eight years ago to encourage the spread of the butterfly across the site were cut again: the resilient brambles still cling on but there are increasing signs of the flora reverting to grassland.

We had several excellent practical task days with butterfly conservation and our own NT volunteers to contain and in some areas push back the spread of scrub. Lots of hard dragging and raging winter fires all hugely helped by some excellent home made cake – thank you Bernadette!

The steps to nowhere that last year helped us down the hill to a half way point but then left us to fend for ourselves have been extended. Still some distance to go before they reach the bottom – we hope to finish before you visit in June!


2 thoughts on “Pre-season preparation

  1. I am desperately keen to come to Collard Hill this year to see and enjoy and photograph Large Blues so will try and come at the best time…the peak of the season. However, this year has been very early for most butterflies and I am worried that I might miss them, but don’t want to have any fruitless runs as I will be doing a round trip of over 300 miles.
    Please let the blog site know as soon as the first butterflies emerge so that I can do my calculations!!!

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