Saturday 26th June

Egg laying female - Sarah Meredith 26th June 2010

Evening all,

Well what a hot hot day!! I am currently sat on the sofa still feeling very cooked. A few house keeping things first, I have in my lost/found site box a pair of prescription sunglasses and a set of car keys. I know that the sun glasses belong to part of the walking group that visited on Thursday so if you know the person can you let them know.

The Large Blue was flying well from early on today, as soon as I arrived on site (later than normal due to writing the blog) at 9am I saw 2 individuals flying around the hillside. The air temperature was hot from the start so the Large Blue’s were zipping around the site. Things were quite quiet on the visitor front until 10.45am, at that point I was talking to visitors on the slope and as I looked up to the top of the hill I saw easily 40 people all together. Wow where did they come from. I discovered as I walked towards them that they were a coach group from south Wales.  I had a good chat with them all and pointed out the Large Blue and most of the other butterflies on the wing at the moment, all visitors were getting brilliant sightings of the Large Blue and in good numbers.

After the coach group left the hill felt very quiet, there were still people around and the Large Blue continued to fly well, a mating pair were found and egg laying females continued their work. After lunch and some shade I had a little look at some of the Wild Thyme and found eggs. This is alway something that WOWs visitors, the small size is enough to amaze let alone the depth within the Wild Thyme flower that it is laid.

The morning transect recorded 12 individuals and the afternoon transect recorded 14 individuals, the main difference between the two transects was that the Large Blue’s were being discovered in shady locations in the afternoon, sensible if you ask me!!

The Large Blue’s went for their siesta (again sensible) around 3ish until 4.30pm. Individuals could be found but numbers were down, around 4.30pm egg laying females started to appear again and could be found in a number of places laying and flying slowly around the hillside. Males were zooming around looking for females, pestering ones that were trying to egg laying and being blatantly ignored.

Numbers are still high on site and if you visit over the coming week you are certain to see the Large Blue (the lyrics of Teddy Bears Picnic have suddenly come into my head, I blame the sun myself, maybe I could rewrite the lyrics to make a Large Blue song!!), numbers will start to decline in the near future but I will let you know as and when they do. The weather is set to say warm until at least Thursday so sightings should be easy.

I hope you decide to visit Collard Hill, whether you have been before or not the wonders and sights will amaze you and you will leave with a smile on your face guaranteed.

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About largebluewarden

I am the Large Blue warden for Collard Hill, and will be on site Wednesday through to Sunday with other volunteers. I graduated in December 2009 from Reading University, with an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation. Before coming to Glastonbury to work with the Large Blue, I was carrying out research into the Glanville Fritillary on the Isle of Wight. While my thesis for my Msc was looking at ‘The habitat requirements of the Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus in the uplands’. Butterflies and photography are my passion and I am looking forward to a great flight season on Collard Hill and hope to meet many of you who are reading this blog.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 26th June

  1. Hello Sarah

    Fantastic Blog!!
    Just what we needed to find information prior to our visit this coming weekend.
    We decided not to come this weekend 26/27 because of Glastonbury!!
    Just for curiosity, roughly how many Large Blues are there on the site at present??
    I can see your transect figures within your Blog but I assume the site is bigger than your Transect walks??

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your positive comments, we reached peak on numbers last Wednesday/Thursday. I would estimate on site there are around 30 on the wing I suppose which equates to 150 or so on site. Depending on when you are thinking of visiting you should be able to get good sightings until at least the end of the week, people were still finding mating pairs yesterday and quite a few individuals are looking very fresh still. Hope to see you on site in the near future.

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