Monday 14th June

Large Blue - John Aldridge 9th June 2010

Monday saw a day away from the hill for me, Barry and Jim were manning the station and keeping an eye on the goings of the Large Blue. I decided to head to Shapwick Heath and Ham Wall nature reserve as many visitors at Collard Hill had told me I had to go and experience seeing Bittern’s flying overhead. As I had never seen a Bittern before I couldn’t let the opportunity slip.

Not only did I see two Bitterns fly past but in the late afternoon I heard the famous booming coming from the reeds. Shapwick and Ham Wall are only around 15mins away from Collard Hill so if you are visiting from afar and are staying in the area then they are definitely worth a visit. 

Enough about other reserves, what is going on with the Large Blue. After talking to Barry and Jim, things are doing really well. Large Blue numbers are increasing as I write. 25 individual were seen on the wing over the day and that is an extra 10 on Sunday. 

Conditions were windy though and any Large Blue considering flying up the hill in the eastern glade was soon blown back down to the bottom. The majority of the Large Blue’s were seen in the eastern glade and in the area know to us wardens as the quarry on the western side. Both these sites are sheltered and offer a warm microclimate when the wind is blowing from the north. 

As conditions are set to stay settled I can only see things going from strength to strength. So just to remind you there are around 25 individuals on the wing at the moment. I look forward to seeing you on the hill in the near future. 


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About largebluewarden

I am the Large Blue warden for Collard Hill, and will be on site Wednesday through to Sunday with other volunteers. I graduated in December 2009 from Reading University, with an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation. Before coming to Glastonbury to work with the Large Blue, I was carrying out research into the Glanville Fritillary on the Isle of Wight. While my thesis for my Msc was looking at ‘The habitat requirements of the Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus in the uplands’. Butterflies and photography are my passion and I am looking forward to a great flight season on Collard Hill and hope to meet many of you who are reading this blog.

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