Pre site preparation

A little insight into what goes on before the flight season on Collard Hill

As May advances emergence day approaches! With the excitement of welcoming visitors from all over the country comes a growing sense of urgency to finish our preparations to get the site into tip-top condition.We have had a major innovation on the ‘main track’ this year – a bench! We have resisted putting permanent infrastructure in place over the years for fear that it would detract from the sites natural open countryside character.

There was much discussion with all the site’s advisors. It was a close call but we finally took the decision that on-balance Collard Hill did play an important role as a visitor site and that this should be acknowledged by a new seat at the entrance to the eastern glade, the traditional stronghold of the large blue and the area that receives the highest number of visitors.

We are delighted with the result. We have used a marvellous thick slice of oak from a grand old tree that sadly had to be felled at Barrington Court two years ago due to ill health. We sanded and oiled it up and the natural grain is glorious. The only down side is that the ponies agree that it’s a tasty new addition and have tried a few nibbles! We hope it is much loved by humans too!


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