Friday 11th June

Evening, Sarah the Large Blue Warden here.

Large Blue Feeding on Wild Thyme - Sarah Meredith

Well after not holding out much hope for the weather today last night I was pleasantly surprised by the blue skies and white clouds that appeared this morning and lasted all day with temperatures soaring compared to the last few days. This is proper butterfly weather.

As soon as I arrived I was encountering Small Heath’s, Meadow Brown’s and Small Tortoiseshell’s. At totally different feel to site after the last couple of day. Even the Buzzards were singing with delight at the weather. It wasn’t long before the first Large Blue was seen on the wing and numbers continued to increase as the day went on. Most people visiting were seeing 3 or 4 individuals on the wing. As temperatures increased on site the butterflies increased in speed and awareness, plus a number of Common Blue appeared!!
A very battered Green Hairstreak was seen this afternoon with only a small amount of green left, Painted Lady’s are on site in numbers as well and Large Skippers can be spotted.

In total I would say we are nearly in double figures for the number of Large Blue on the wing. With the weather continuing to stay settled over the weekend numbers should continue to steadily increase. The Large Blue’s also appear to be well distributed across the whole site now. I look forward to greeting you on site in the near future and showing you the delights Collard Hill has to offer.


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