Thursday 10th June


Well another grey day, with even less sun then yesterday but three Large Blues were seen over the day. While looking for the Large Blue’s in the eastern glade I encountered a caterpillar that made me stop and look.  

Small Eggar caterpillar - 10th June 2010 Sarah Meredith

After looking it up it is a Small Eggar moth caterpillar, these small signs are showing that summer is really progressing. The other caterpillars on site at the moment which is out in huge numbers are the Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet and the Six-spot Burnet moths. I find these caterpillars stunning and they turn into a lovely black and red velvet moth.   


Burnet moth caterpillar - Sarah Meredith


Burnet moth caterpillar 2 - Sarah Meredith

I am not sure which the caterpillars are above, we are sure that we have both the Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet and Six-spot Burnet moths on site. If anyone can tell me which is which that would be brilliant.      

The sun is due to shine over the weekend with warm temperatures so I am sure that numbers of Large Blue will increase and  that I have more to tell you on the Large Blue, but I hope you are enjoying seeing what else is present on Collard Hill. I am enjoying learning the site and discovering all the wildlife present.


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