Wednesday 9th June


Evening, Sarah here

Well this morning saw grey skies, but warm temperatures. Would the skies clear and let the sun shine? Well no not really but two Large Blue’s were seen quickly after arrival on site. One was seen in the same area as Sunday (down the bottom of the main track) and one was seen on the far eastern side of the site. By 11ish the skies had cleared and sun appeared, this enabled the Large Blue to be seen well, settling and then flying on. I still get that excited feeling when ever I see one.

Large Blue – Sarah Meredith


Members of Butterfly Conservation came for a walk around and the Large Blue put on a good display, some members had not seen one before so it was great for them to get a sighting, only two individuals were flying but they were landing and opening their wings so the markings could clearly be seen. As they left they took the sun with them and the cloud returned. It was still warm/humid though, as I walked the afternoon transect other species were flying but no Large Blue’s until the last section of the transect. The sense of excitement built in me until I was totally sure, yes it was the first Large Blue to be seen on the western side of the site.

Large Blue Open Wings - Sarah Meredith

Sadly if someone had been watching me they would have seen my punch the air with excitement with a great big smile on my face, I hate to imagine what I will be like once the really start to emerge! So in total today four individuals were seen. The rain put an end to possibly seeing any more late in the afternoon.

As I walked to the car I was feeling really positive about the day and what lays ahead in the coming days, as  I got closer to my car I realised that the cows had been using it as a lick block!! I now have designer cow lick marks along my windows and sides of the car. Oh well, that is what I get for leaving my car in a cow field. Lets hope the sun really emerges tomorrow and blue skies show through then numbers should really start to develop.


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