Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June

Hello Sarah the Large Blue warden here,

Well the last two days have been frustrating, after seeing the first Large Blue on Sunday the weather has put a dampener on things or more like a soaking. The rain continues to fall as I write but on the upside, this rain will help the Wild Thyme and freshen up the hillside.When you visit Collard Hill, you will not only hopefully see the Large Blue but many other species of flora and fauna. Examples of these at the moment are Bee Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid which are actually on Collard Hill and Common Spotted Orchid and Greater Butterfly Orchid which you will encounter as you walk from Ivythorn car park.    

Greater Butterfly Orchid - Sarah Meredith


Bee Orchid - Sarah Meredith


Common Spotted Orchid – Sarah Meredith



As can be seen by the photos most of the orchids are not fully out yet so they should be around for a while longer. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the other wonders of Collard Hill today, I am hoping the weather will improve as the week goes on so I can report good news on the numbers of Large Blue flying.  


One thought on “Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June

  1. Hi, we met today (09/06) at Collard Hill. Thanks for your great information and your time and patience.
    We hope to come back at the weekend and see more of the large blues.

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