The weekend saw mixed weather at Collard Hill and high anticipation of being the first person to see the first Large Blue. Anything blue was investigated, but to no avail on Saturday. The first Meadow Brown was sighted, along with Common Blue, Large Skipper and Small Heath but no Large Blue’s. The Wild Thyme is just starting to show with a few flowers out but it still has a way to go.

Sunday in my mind had to be the day the Large Blue emerged, but Sunday morning saw grey skies and breezy conditions. Not much was on the wing until the afternoon when blue skies and brilliant sunshine appeared. This had to be the afternoon for the Large Blue, conditions at the top of the hill were breezy but at the bottom in sheltered positions conditions were hot and ideal.

By 4pm nothing, but then at 4.15 could it be, it looks bigger, it is flying slower, please let it land. YES it is, the first Large Blue of the season at Collard Hill. So the Large Blue season has officially started.


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